Olivia Sea - 3 Comic Pack!

Olivia Sea - 3 Comic Pack!

The first three books are 20 black and white pages of indie comic magic!

Issue 1: The first issue in a three issue miniseries, Crush-O-Rama Part One: Shimmer Like a Girl, finds Olivia Sea’s dance studio torn down for “progress”, so she and her friends take it upon themselves to get revenge. Will she make it to band practice on time?

Issue 2: In this issue, Olivia tries to find a work/life/band/dance/vigilante balance, Kitty goes dark, Sadie worries, and we meet 4-trak the robot. Oh, and there’s a concert. How does that work in a comic?

Issue 3: The Crush-O-Rama storyline comes to an end. Who will survive? Who will thrive?